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"I was extremely impressed with the material in this course. The knowledge and information gained was remarkable. Thank you for such a thorough course." - Victoria Saxby

"This course is well laid out and I especially like the DVD's to ensure that the exercises are being performed correctly. I have a whole new strength and flexibility program to offer my in-home clients. I will market the golf conditioning program to a whole new client base." - Janet Griego

"I love this course. It was very easy to follow and provided great information. I will use it in my classes and let other instructors know about this program since it is helpful in may other ways." - Charlotte B. Turner

"Gina - This is the second course of yours I have taken. You offer a wide variety of ball exercises. The DVD demonstrates with great clarity the execution of each exercise. Thank you." - Deborah Zohn

"This was an exceptional course full of interesting material that was presented in this well developed and organized course. I will be able to use this material in a practical manner to help my golfing clients." - Sean Arnold

"I have gained the knowledge to properly instruct my clients about the importance of golf conditioning." - Diane McKinnon

"I will utilize the knowledge from this course for clients that are golf players and stress the importance of a well conditioned body to prevent injuries." - Antoinette Scaringi

"I am creating a golf conditioning program at my gym in cooperation with the golf swing instructor and the information leaned - assessment of posture, mechanics of the golf swing, which muscles are prime movers and stabilizers, along with the importance of a stability ball in conditioning for golf, will help with the creation." - Steve Munerantz

" have a set of new exercises using the ball to assist my clients in achieving specific postural goals. I will use provided programming for specific postural types to assist in skill acquisition necessary for playing golf." - Stacia Lee Gallagher

"Thank you very much for such an awesome course and speedy certifications." - Wendi Paterson

"I have gained a better understanding of the golf swing, and many stretches and exercises for the small muscle groups involved in the swing. I will incorporate the exercises into many of my client's programs to improve their golf game. I will also market myself as a Golf Conditioning Specialist and a Certified Personal Trainer." - Sonja K. Downing

"I have a new understanding of how to assess posture, strength, flexibility and balance. I learned how to assess a golfer's swing and to make adjustments to all parts of the swing. I learned lots of new exercises on the G-Ball. I will use it to assess and train almost all of my clients, whether they are golfers or not." - James E. Col

"Excellent Info! Very comprehensive. Can't wait to implement the techniques in this course." - Al Cooper

"I thought it was very well organized and thorough. Definitely worthwhile." - Jill Minner

"Well written with great examples and explanation. Learned a great deal and really enjoyed the process. Thanks."" - Deborah Marron

"I have acquired ways to tailor exercise programs for clients focused on improving their golf game." - Julie Schimel

"I am a university professor of Exercise Science and Sport Studies, so I may incorporate some of the information into my classes." - Vanessa K. MacKinnon

"I am working with clients during early spring for the golf season. These exercises and tips will be an addition to my routines used with them. The book is a great resource for me. Thank you!" - Lindsay Rentz

" I thought the course was great, and I enjoyed it. The text, photos and videos were well done and explanatory." - Linda Johnson

"This program is excellent. I was extremely impressed with the layout of the program. The exercises are concise and the pictures and DVD's terrific." - Lynn Braunewell

"As a beginner golfer I found this course invaluable and essential in building a solid foundation for catapulting golf play performance and reducing chance of injury. The DVD's reinforced proper execution of the exercises presented in the course book. As a personal fitness trainer I am excited at the opportunity to offer this sports specific training to clients and prospects." - Robert R. Habjanic

"Excellent course. Easy to follow. Great job!." - Charles Costa

"It was really great! i enjoyed your course as I did your longevity course! Thank you as always." - Donna Maria Abboud

"Well organized, designed and comprehensive." - Linda Schissel

"Extremely well designed and formatted, easy to understand, follow and utilize. Congratulations, I have absolutely no problem recommending this course. I particularly liked the business development information. Truly a very complete course in every sense." - Rickie Gerard Ali

"Very good course!! I will take more courses. Thanks." - Vince Trani

"I really enjoyed learning the stretches and exercises. I have been a PT for years, but these exercises were different than the classics. Very well put together. Thanks!" - Crissy Schober

"I enjoyed this course immensely, it was very professionally done. It offered many creative ideas that will help me maintain my client's interests, while affording them the benefit of improving their golf game and overall physical health. - Mary L. Goodman

"The program is presented in a manner that is very easy to follow and brings together golfing and personal training very smoothly." - Tyler Kahl

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