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Golf Conditioning Specialist Reviews


"This was very well laid out and will be helpful to use in the instruction of exercises for golf conditioning." - Mary Helen Brock
"This course has a lot to offer for the fitness professional who wants to diversify their client base. It has easy to follow exercises and flexibility progressions and is well suited for golfers from beginners to accomplished players." - Gary Larrison
"Good course - I enjoyed it thoroughly and look forward to using what I learned for the benefit of both my clients and myself. Thank you." - Carol Gill

"Great course. Well done."  - Ryan Thilgen
"I felt the structure and progression of this program was very easy to follow and design for success. I will be using GMP Fitness again." - Debbie Evans
"Very good use of the ball. Excellent stretches." - Brian Wise

"This course has really helped me incorporate a lot of the golf exercises and stretches for my personal training clients that play golf. They love it." - Jennifer Calle
"This program is excellent. I was extremely impressed with the layout of the program. The exercises are concise and the pictures and DVD's terrific." - Lynn Braunewell
"The program is presented in a manner that is very easy to follow and brings together golfing and personal training very smoothly." - Tyler Kahl

"Great Program. I look forward to training new golf clients." - Jimmy Rogers
"I recently relocated to a golf community in NC and this program will be very helpful. I really like the support materials and clients handouts." - Judith McCord
"I plan to use the skills and exercises that I have learned to teach golf conditioning program this winter. A great job." - Jemetta Hunt
"Excellent exercises that I have been able to put to work immediately with my clients." - Don Duval
"I really enjoyed this course. I feel it has given me some great opportunities to create income. I look forward to putting it into practice." - Kelly Jones
"Great course for people looking to increase client retention." - Patrick Sawyer
"Loved the program. I learned so much and it was very well thought out, planned and organized. Thank you." - Christy Mishler
"I really enjoyed this course and would definitely refer others to take it." - Lisa Mullahy
"I thought this program was well thought out, safe and effective. Very professionally done and I am glad I took it. I would highly recommend it to other trainers." - Anne Marie Straka

"This is a great program. I have already established a golf fitness program using this information. The results are great." - Ray Butkus

"The way the course was laid out was very helpful. Additionally, all exercises were explained in depth. I found this course very helpful." - Alexandra Murray

"Very Informative! Enjoyed it very much!" - Libby Zimm
"I was very impressed with the material content and quality. I also like the way Gina executed each exercise." - Mindi Boysen
"Overall the course was detailed and put together nicely." - Christopher P. Hurley
"I really enjoyed this course. I've learned a lot from the information provided. It was very detailed, very progressive and very challenging." - Reginald D. Edwards
"The course was very informative and educational. I have been in the business in 16 years and still learned some new things...thank you." - Bill Taylor
"I really like the idea of the fitness ball, especially for my older clients. This course was very easy to understand and I know it will be very helpful for my training." - Patrick Coats
"I thought the course was excellent and very well structured. I found it very easy to follow with the videos complimenting the text perfectly. I honestly could not find fault. Gina is undoubtedly in a class of her own." - Damian B. Donnelly
"Great Job Gina! Enjoyed the course. Nice presentation." - Chris Oskirko
"This course was thorough and well organized. It covered every area possible concerning the golf swing and conditioning. I was quite impressed and I am looking forward to implementing the program into my business." - Scott Claypoole

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